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Re: 430 Super Marauder

Posted: Mon 4. Jan 2016, 23:44
by 58-Pagoda
I haven't been here in a while, but that's a very interesting dateline on the carbs. Thanks for the info.

In trying to narrow things down, here's some additional Master Price and Reference Lists I picked up.

The first is for Lincoln and Continental, dated July 1, 1957. I cannot find any listings for anything related to the Super Marauder option as of this date. This Reference does not include Mercury so that is an open question.

The second is for Lincoln, Continental and Mercury, dated January 1, 1958. The only listings I can find, that do not appear in the July 1, 1957 Lincoln Reference are for possibly the SM intake manifold and carburetors.

There is no listing for the air breather or attaching parts or the entire Super Marauder "kits".

The kits are listed in the July 1, 1958 Reference List that was posted earlier.
January 1, 1958

Re: 430 Super Marauder

Posted: Sun 26. Mar 2017, 14:37
by 430 6V
The available reference materials seem to lag behind.

The only true production J code 430 6V car I've ever seen was produced on June 12th.

So the parts would be in production by then.

Assuming it wasn't the first one produced, parts would have pre dated 6/12/58.