We salut our female Air Force members

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We salut our female Air Force members

Post by Theo » Sun 3. Oct 2010, 02:49

T'ention Gentlemen,
on special request from our boys on duty, here we go with a few hot shots. They are brought to you by our beloved
"Sally's Cherrymuffin Studios" http://www.cherrymuffin-studios.com/news.html
Sally is extremely professional and versatile. Her work covers a wide span that goes from nostalgic pin up and hot rod americana up to your personal business or family photos. These guys are loaded for any kind of job in the field. You can book the entire troop or just send in your pics and tell her how to make them look like. You name it and she'll be happy to do the rest.

The photos displayed are not the original size and quality. They are just reduced quality screenshots that I made to load fast.

These shots were taken for the German fashion label "Ponymaedchen"
Bild 1.jpg
Bild 2.jpg
And here's the artist herself. Sally and Sascha.
Bild 10.jpg
Best regards

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Re: We salut our female Air Force members

Post by JaZver » Sat 23. Oct 2010, 01:30

wow.. nice one..

i think they are good..

i'll ask my sister who is there to have me one..

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Re: We salut our female Air Force members

Post by VivaLaMercury » Wed 3. Nov 2010, 15:03

These are some wonderful photographs. If there's one thing I always appreciate, it's a homage to vintage photography . . . and war era photograph no less. I love how sensual yet VERY tasteful the photographs are. Now, it would be REALLY cool if we could see these lovely ladies posing next to our favorite cars. LOL. :mrgreen:
Totally interested in Large Machining! :)

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