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Posted: Thu 15. Apr 2010, 03:16
by Theo
Hello everybody. If your wife is getting crazy over all that lardy crap in her way, your barefooted hungry children need a bus ticket to school or if all that iron is giving your back some serious problems don't toss it. Some fella might want your gold so bad. Shipping and or how to pick it up is up to you.
Keep in mind that in return some collectors may be happy to move the lawn, paint your fence, help to slip your boat or whatever you feel may be of help. MEL enthusiasts are friendly people.Check it out.

P.S.Please don't forget to mark your offerings as sold once they're gone.Thanx

Posted: Tue 20. Sep 2011, 01:15
by mebo147zeq
wow! what an idea ! what a concept ! beautiful .. amazing ?