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About Traffic Volume in This Forum

Post by Theo » Sun 26. Sep 2010, 05:43

Dear visitors and members of the http://www.ford-mel-engine.com
Ever wondered about why traffic in this forum seems to be periodically low? Does it appear to you that this place is deserted? You probably thought about running to a more populated forum? Do new visitors and members judge the quality of this forum by the level of traffic? Some of you may think this way. But sometimes things are different from what you can see.

In fact, this forum's traffic volume by visitors and hits is constantly increasing. It started w. about a few hundred hits and currently scores at 9369 hits per month.

Regarding traffic volume there is a high discrepancy between the number of posts ostensibly seen and the number of actual visitors per month. In this forum just a small minority of participants is actively contributing by sharing their experience or by answering questions while there is a vast majority of visitors and members who benefit without ever participating.
No complaint about iit. That's just the way it is.

There are more reasons for the forum's relatively low number of posts. They are less obvious.
This forum is focused on mainly MEL engine and MEL transmission topics. Its' community is extremely small compared to other communities out there in the web.

But the main reason for the relatively low volume in traffic is this forum's well organized structure. It is divided into visually fast accessible sections where people can find fast answers to their specific questions. Consequently this makes visitors find fast info w/o even having to register or ask a word.
That's very practical IMO although I wished more posts and conversation would happen in the forefield.

If I had chosen the "All Topics in One Section" Format, the number of posts and traffic volume in general would have been a lot bigger due to its' nature of topics being less conveniently accessible. Questions and answers would be frequently coming up over and over like it is the case in many other forums. Not a bad thing either and good for the fuzzy warm feeling. Even the same number of posts would make it look as if the forum was more busy and populated.

Providing easy accessible and time saving information about the MEL engine and related topics is our main goal. It's our obligation to all those interested in the present and in the future.
But don't take us wrong. You're not going to be advised to use the board search function once you ask a question that has been covered in the past. In fact, we love to talk it over and over again. So please feel free to ask or contribute your knowledge. Use it for your entertainment, education and as your personal blog as your project is in progress.

There is no expert over an other. Everybody has something to say or to share.
Please help feeding this source w. your questions and experience. And once you're done with your project, don't forget to stick around or drop in once in a while. Your experience and knowledge is valid to us and to all other visitors to come in the future. You're important to the community. The old timers may be gone one day.
Thank you for your time.
Best regards


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