Ouups! did you realize you had a PM ?

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Ouups! did you realize you had a PM ?

Post by Theo » Thu 17. Dec 2009, 02:50

Dear participants,
most of you will know that this forum has a PM (Personal Message) function. It is a convenient way to exchange private messages without having to use a personal e-mail address.
I suspect that personal messages are not always detected by the recipients due to the control bar's actual color design. The black font color on dark blueish background is barely visible. I tried to change it by modifieing the css file but no result so far.
Since the on-line notification of PM works per pop up, an other reason to miss PM is the pop up blocker that most of us use in a modern browser. However each time your browser blocks a pop up, it will notify you in some way or an other.
Just click the note that says "Pop up blocked from ....ford-mel-engine.com" and your PM notification will pop up.
You can now either click this pop up or just go to your PM box directly by clicking your tool bar.
You don't necessarily need the pop ups. Just check your tool bar and click (see photo).
Best regards


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