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Major problems logging into the forum and update issues.

Posted: Sat 18. Mar 2017, 15:15
by Theo
Hi everybody,

unfortunately the forum PhpBB software is outdated and not compatible w. the latest server technology. I have let the provider move the forum to a different elder server to at least being able to log in.
Now as I regained access to the admin section I'm going to check out how to upgrade to the latest forum software. Since the developer of this forum's graphical interface (Skin) does not support this skin anymore and also is out of business, chances are that I will have to change to a different graphical design. A graphical interface that works w. the latest standards. I strongly assume that all the gimmics like the revolving header and all the graphics that I have been using to design the section will be lost.
However my main aim is to save all posts and keep the forum intact no matter what interface it is going to look like. Once things are save, I'll be trying to hopefully find a design that makes it easy and intuitive to use.

Please take my apology for the inconvenience you have encountered from not being able to log in or reach me.

Hope things will get better soon.

Best regards