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Re: Multi Carb manifolds

Posted: Tue 6. Aug 2019, 10:46
by Chris430
58-Pagoda wrote:
Fri 24. Feb 2012, 08:55
Here's some pics of some of the aftermarket speed equipment that was originally available for the MEL. These come from the 1960 Almquist speed equipment catalog I just got. The catalog is 115 pages and these are all I could find !! Also note that the 8x2 Weiand Drag Star log intake is only offered for Chrysler and MEL, making it quite rare. Even back in the day, MEL speed parts were limited and priced at a premium.

edelbrock final.JPGdrag star detail final.JPGweiand typhoon z.JPGlog final.JPGvertex final.JPGmallory final.JPG
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