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Re: Best Intake

Post by Treinarts » Thu 7. Oct 2010, 10:45

Prior posts are all dead on correct. The mass of the crank, rods and pistons is great and not designed for high RPM use.
You can stroke the engine to over 500ci by offset grinding the crank, using BBC rods and using custom pistons. The valves are heavy and unless you upgrade to newer valves, springs and retainers, you will go into valve float and end up on the wrong side of exciting. Bottom line, build a torque motor that builds power down low and has a flat torque curve past 5,000.
Not much head work is needed and you can ruin a head by hitting a water jacket by grinding too much.
I would suggest that a bowl blend including the valve guide hump, a port match of the last 1/4 inch be done, and use top shelf springs.
Have your cam reground. Lots of companies do it. I used Oregon cams and had a 428 SCJ hyd pattern done. 140 dollars. Remember all those wild roller cams came with rev kits that are a second set of springs to keep the roller lifters down on the cam. Pick a modern cam profile, but remember the RPM range should be capped at 6000 if you want any longevity.
As for an intake, I think you should take advantage of new technology. The stock four barrel manifolds were desinged to fit under a low hood profile. Even the tri power manifold does not have much rise to it. Slover has adapter plates that allow the use of 460 Ford intake manifolds. Low rise, high rise and even tunnel ram or new EFI kits. That means you have a great many options and you can even drill the adapter plates for nitrous nozzels should you be so inclined. Single four barrel is easy to tune and gives little if any fittage problems.
Use FE roller rockers and upgrade the pushrods. Use an FE high pressure oil pump, TRW or Melling. Get an upgraded oil pump drive too. About 20 dollars and well worth it.
A final note, consider your transmission as well. Too much power with trash the older transmissions. Put an upgraded C-6 with a 2,000 stall converter behind your engine and you will not have transmission issues.

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Re: Best Intake

Post by Theo » Thu 7. Oct 2010, 11:38

Plus consider a 9" axle w. 3,57 0r 4,11:1 ratio for stump pulling power. It's torque that dominates the street. Like the prior posters said. You'll probably get a lot more power out of the engine than your chassis can stand. If you do all that being said you'll be seriously catapulting your 4000 + lbs. mama into tire smokin' business.
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Re: Best Intake

Post by lincoln623 » Mon 2. May 2011, 06:45

We ran a 430 in our 1957 Ford stock car back in the late 60's.Had an Isky EE-500 cam(I THINK!) and rapped it to 7 grand at the end of the straights. no problems, just make sure you use the right springs. i remember a drag car that used an Isky roller cam, 8 grand was his shift point!(this was BEFORE rev limiters)

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