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Super Marauder complete set-up for $6.5K?

Posted: Sat 20. Apr 2013, 16:21
by 58VoyagerJPG
Just saw this on ebay. Any reaction? ... 1438.l2649

Re: Super Marauder complete set-up for $6.5K?

Posted: Mon 22. Apr 2013, 11:57
by Shelby#18
They have been listing these for quite a while now. Some of the parts are reproduction.

Re: Super Marauder complete set-up for $6.5K?

Posted: Sun 2. Jun 2013, 00:35
by 58-Pagoda
Depends on your wants and likes. It's a tribute to the original Super Marauder set-up and may be more refined and tuned: re-cast intake, re-cast air breather, re-cast fuel pump, etc. The carbs are FE style so the air breather base is semi-circular instead of full circle like the original. From a hardcore purist's perspective it's completely incorrect and, by the maker's own admission, the design and dimensions of the re-casted components were intentionally altered to presumably circumvent copyright infringement. A prospective buyer should be well-informed about these systems before plunking down that kind of money. If someone wants turnkey, this is the ticket. If someone wants an original Ford-authorized, Stroppe-designed, Moon-casted setup then it will cost a little more but with some luck and years of searching it is possible to assemble an all-original system for less than $10k.