58 Merc Park Lane Super Marauder -- Part VII Final Assembly

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Re: 58 Merc Park Lane Super Marauder -- Part VII Final Assem

Post by scatpack » Tue 13. Sep 2011, 17:09

Tri-power is a generic name used for an induction system which uses three 2 barrel carburetors. You might also hear it called a "6 barrel" or "Six Pack". The later was mostly used for Mopar products of the late 60's early 70's. The Super Marauder is a tri-power system.

There are vintage after-market tri-power set-ups such as the Edelbrock L300, but this system used Stromberg carburetors instead of Holley. It's a cheaper alternative, but mounting the iconic Super Marauder air cleaner will be a challenge due to the different carbs. Most people who use the L300 with Strombergs typically use velocity stacks anyway -- fits with the style of those carbs. I'm sure someone has a posting of this manifold / system somewhere on this forum????

So if you are looking for an original FOMOCO system then you must find & use a Super Marauder set-up. Hope this helps clear things up?

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Re: 58 Merc Park Lane Super Marauder -- Part VII Final Assem

Post by 59lincolnrag » Sat 4. Feb 2012, 11:43

Wow ... that set-up is incredible .....In such great condition ......Thanks so much for the pictures...
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