58 Merc Park Lane Super Marauder -- Part IV Fuel Pump

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58 Merc Park Lane Super Marauder -- Part IV Fuel Pump

Post by scatpack » Tue 9. Aug 2011, 15:59

Attached below are images of the fuel pump before and after restoration. Again more images to use as reference.
IMG_3882 II.jpg
This is the original condition of the fuel pump. The aluminum tri-port housing is an excellent shape and just requires a thorough cleaning. Note the blue paint on the fuel filter canister. For some reason the previous owner painted this blue?
IMG_3886 II.jpg
Fuel filter & canister removed.
IMG_3929 II.jpg
Fuel pump restored using an original Ford Re-manufactured fuel pump. Note the factory ink stampings on the pump housing. The aluminum fuel pump housing was cleaned and mildly polished. I wanted to keep an original bright aluminum finish without the over-polished chrome look.
IMG_3930 II.jpg
Inlet side of the fuel pump.

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