Green horn needs help

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Green horn needs help

Post by dac » Wed 10. Nov 2010, 11:32

Just started my first restoration. A 1956 Lincoln Premier. Currently working on the brake system now and having a problem getting the treadle vac booster apart. Thanks for the very informative series on them by the way.
Like I said it's a 56 Premier with a Bendix Treadle vac. The ID numbers on the end don't seem to match any listed though. They are 71 and what looks like a backward capitol D on the top line and below is 05.
The problem I'm having is I can't seem to get the the piston out. Ive taken off the leather and everything removable from the front until I ran out of screws and things to remove but I can't get the rest to come out to be able to unbolt the master cylinder section.
Is there something i'm missing or is it just stuck/corroded together?

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