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Posted: Mon 27. Sep 2010, 12:50
by hawkdouble
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Originally postet by "Karl "

Enjoy your forum and all the MEL info. Owned several Lincs from '49 to '60. My favourite is the '58 cont. convert. With regard to the 3X2 induction set-up, which I have seen in your various articles and photos, could you point out to me any articles on the internet on the mechanical differences from a stock 430 and the 430 with 400 hp. I know the comp. ratio was 10.5/1 but do not know what were the hardware and mechanicaL diffs internally on the 400 hp model. Thanks, keep 'em rolling. Cheers, Karl


Posted: Mon 27. Sep 2010, 12:51
To The Best Of My Knowledge Karl...
The only difference between the 430 MARAUDER and SUPER MARAUDER was in the induction. It was designed by Bill Stroppe for MERCURY and LINCOLN used a modified version (as far as I have researched).
MEL had early design problems with cylinder heads and valvetrains. The first run of heads had larger valves, the cam more lift and duration. But most of that had been addressed by the APRIL '58 introduction of the option.