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1958 Edsel Pacer Engine shots.

Posted: Wed 10. Feb 2010, 21:14
by Shelby#18
These again were submitted by sidesho_bob1961. Photo's were recovered from the Ford Archives.

Re: 1958 Edsel Pacer Engine shots.

Posted: Thu 12. Aug 2010, 10:36
by sidesho_bob1961
Notice in the first picture that the exhaust manifolds are engine color!!! Hence they were installed prior to the engine being painted. Although this is a "FE" engine in a junior series Edsel (Ranger/Pacer) is seems to be the norm on most FOMOCO engines (not including the Y-Blocks) if there were no heat shields installed between the exhaust manifolds and the heads.

Re: 1958 Edsel Pacer Engine shots.

Posted: Tue 15. Nov 2011, 13:11
by a58pacer
These are scans of photocopies I made at a public library. Anybody can access them for a $10 out-of-state user's fee for the day. I recognize them by the vertical stripe which was a flaw in the machine I was using that day. I scanned them and e-mailed them to Bob.

The views are two of many photos taken at the Chrysler Corp. Proving Grounds in early September, 1957. Other pictures in this series include interior details of the same Pacer four-door sedan, a few of the car's exterior from various angles (some with Chrysler employees standing around looking) and at least one trunk detail shot showing an original B.F.Goodrich spare tire and *no* jacking instructions! The four tires on the ground were Firestones.

Still looking for that 1957-60 Lincoln seat belt, if anybody can help. ;)

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