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Falling trunklid problem

Posted: Thu 24. Dec 2009, 11:01
by Low58Corsair
My trunklid won't "pop" up like it's supposed to and it barely stays up when put all the way up. a tap is all it takes for it to come slamming down. I adjusted the torsion bolts all the way and it's no better. is there a fix for this?

Re: Falling trunklid problem

Posted: Tue 15. Nov 2011, 11:51
by a58pacer
Sounds like the internals of your trunk hinges are broken. I'm not sure what's holding your trunk lid up, but it should come down easy if the torsion springs are engaging on anything. A kit using aluminum blocks as replacements for the original cheaply-cast original pot-metal hinge eccentrics inside the hinge is available. Perhaps Jerry Lasseigne may have some still available. Google him or look him up . . . Thibodaux, Louisiana.

Tell him Gauss from California sent you.

Re: Falling trunklid problem

Posted: Tue 15. Nov 2011, 14:46
by a58pacer
Actually, it sounds as though (and I've never heard of this happening) that one of your torsion bars might be broken.

More likely, though, only one of the hinge's eccentrics has snapped, so there's only one torsion bar trying to do all the work, and it's not up to the job.

What's likely going on is the other good hinge has the eccentric going slightly over-center and that's all that holding the lid up. This is what probably broke the first one. When the eccentrics go over center too far, they will break off when you're trying to push the lid down.

You're still probably ready for a pair of replacement eccentrics. Just be sure to grease them real good where the torsion bar engages the eccentric, and that will slow down the wear pattern that causes this condition in the first place.