1958 mercury medalist

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1958 mercury medalist

Post by bigmoody52 » Sat 27. Aug 2011, 17:19

I just purchased a 1958 mercury medalist for $600.00. From what I understand this was a stand alone model. Does anyone have and good information on these cars? The car came with out a carb. I am trying to find a carb for the car I think it has the 312 y block. It has a two barrel intake. I will have pics up soon. If anyone knows anything about these please let me know I can sure use the help. Thanks!
1958 Merc medalist

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Re: 1958 mercury medalist

Post by a58pacer » Tue 15. Nov 2011, 12:43

The 1958 Mercury (Medalist) was a mid-year introduction specifically in an attempt to save the year for the Mercury automobile. Big cars were selling dismally, and this model was to help cover Mercury's gap at the low-end of the mid-priced field. At the same time, Edsel was considering introducing a similar model using the Ranger body and chassis with the 292 Y-block engine, but these plans never congealed, probably because the MEL Division was more concerned saving the well-established Mercury name plate rather than extending the run of a car McNamara was set to pull from the market anyway.

The brakes and wheels from the Edsel Ranger and Pacer were used on the Medalist, and the 2-1/2" by 11" front drums with 5" bolt pattern are particularly hard to locate, as are the 29/32" i.d. rear wheel cylinders, although the rebuild kits are plentiful. There is a recent listing for these rear cylinders on eBay for a bargain price of about $12 each shipped (both RH and LH), but they are not identified as Medalist, only as 1958 Edsel Ranger and Pacer rears. On the drums, I have a few NOS Kelsey Hayes drums less the hub.

The carburetor you need is any one of the following: PB9M 9510-A, engineering #5751094 for stick shift or #5751095 for automatic, PB9M 9510-G engr. #5751354, or service replacement B9ME 9510-A, engr. # unknown. These are all Holley model 2300 two-barrel carburetors. The PB9M-A is Holley list 1779 or 1780 (for manual or automatic transmission, respectively), while the -G is Holley list 1780-1A. The B9ME-A were originally Holley lists 1797-1A 1798-1A, but other suitable replacements would be Holley lists 1924, 2014, 2015. When two consecutive numbers are listed, generally speaking the first is for manual transmission and the second is for automatic. The manuals are the same carburetors as for the corresponding automatic version, except lack the throttle dashpot and bracket.

Holley service carburetor 1-16 is suitable for all these applications.


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