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by Lincolnlvr
Thu 24. Apr 2014, 21:26
Forum: MEL Engine Aftermarket Parts
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Do you know of anyone that can make some connecting rods for a 462? Trying to locate some after market rods but none seem to be available. They're 6.600 center to center and have BE 2.750 and SE .975 . Nothing even close anywhere.
by Lincolnlvr
Sun 12. Aug 2012, 13:06
Forum: Ask for MEL Engine Parts
Topic: Magneto
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Looking for a magneto for a 462 MEL engine. :?:
by Lincolnlvr
Tue 22. Dec 2009, 12:58
Forum: MEL Engine Ignition and General Electrical Topics
Topic: H&W Ducoil Distributor
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H&W Ducoil Distributor

:?: Anyone know anything on this type of distr.? Have one here that I'm trying to figure out. It's for a 462 MEL, came off an old engine.
H&W Ducoil distr.
Thanks for any info.
by Lincolnlvr
Wed 9. Dec 2009, 14:51
Forum: MEL Engine Parts For Sale
Topic: M.E.L. 462 W&H DuCoil Dist w coils
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M.E.L. 462 W&H DuCoil Dist w coils

Have a W&H Ducoil dist. for a 462 MEL engine for sale. Comes with dual coils and brand new dist. cap. Should fit 462/430 engines. Cleaning out my shop. Asking $250.00 for all, plus shipping.
W&H Ducoil Dist. 462/430
W&H Ducoil Dist. 462/430
W&H Ducoil 462/430 Coils
AS IS I don't know the condition of the items.
by Lincolnlvr
Wed 25. Nov 2009, 13:24
Forum: MEL Transmission
Topic: flex plate
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flex plate

:?: Hi! Need to replace the flex plate on my 66 Lincoln with a 462 eng(worn ring gear) . Would like to know if a 460 flex plate would fit? Or does it have to be specific to a 462? Thanks.

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