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by benzladen
Sun 2. Apr 2017, 09:39
Forum: MEL Engine Ignition and General Electrical Topics
Topic: Distributor Interchangability
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update to HEI Distributor using stock parts

For anyone wanting to ditch their points. If you can get a parts car like a late 70's ford truck or 460 lincoln town car you can swap all the ignition system into your old mel. The distributor parts all fit in the old housing as they just fit the new system into the old body as a retrofit. A lot of ...
by benzladen
Tue 11. Dec 2012, 07:45
Forum: MEL Engine Parts For Sale
Topic: low mileage short block 462
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low mileage short block 462

Came from a 66 that was collided in early 70's.Should be disassembled and hot tanked to clean up as it has been sitting on an engine stand in my shop for 25 yrs and probably got dusty.Comes with home-built engine stand.In Calgary Alberta Canada.Asking $250 obo. Also have about 75 complete and parts ...
by benzladen
Thu 14. Apr 2011, 18:43
Forum: Introduce Yourself and Show us Your Ride
Topic: Hello All
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Hello All

Hi folks,Names Kelly and I've been messing with these cars and engines for a long time.1St car was a 63 cont and a long line eversince.Currently have a field and some sheds with about 100 of the old beasts.Lots of junk but some great cars too.Will post some pics if anyone wants.A lot of knowledge ab...

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