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by Hawkrod
Sat 9. Oct 2010, 13:08
Forum: MEL Engine General Discussion
Topic: 1960 Ford T-bird w/ 430 cid
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Re: 1960 Ford T-bird w/ 430 cid

Actually that is close but not not quite right.... The 430 was planned and advertised as an option in 1958 TBirds from the begining but due to lack of availability it was not used in 58's except for a few test mules (only one production serial number is actually documented as having had a 430 instal...
by Hawkrod
Mon 27. Sep 2010, 10:17
Forum: MEL Engine Ignition and General Electrical Topics
Topic: Distributor Interchangability
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Re: Distributor Interchangability

I believe the FE distributor is a direct swap.... I looked it up at one time and I am pretty sure all parts are interchangeable including the drive gear and housing thus an FE distributor will fit in an MEL. Hawkrod Hawkrod 39 Ford Deluxe Coupe 59 Tbird 430 60 Lincoln Premier (2)62 Tbirds (3)68 Coug...
by Hawkrod
Sun 26. Sep 2010, 13:48
Forum: The MEL Engine Tripower Heaven
Topic: 3x2 or 6x2 ! ! ?
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Re: It's a great looking set-up.

the mechanical linkage for an FE would be great on a modified MEL but it won't be a bolt on. the carbs are a little farther apart on an MEL tri-power so you will need to extend the rods for the outer carbs as well as the belcrank to center carb rod. for the same reason the FE air cleaners will not f...
by Hawkrod
Sun 26. Sep 2010, 06:36
Forum: MEL Transmission
Topic: Bellhousing Bolt Patterns
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Transmission Bolt Patterns

Note: Old post copied from the archives by admin. For some reason I have been getting a lot of email regarding this issue to I am reposting this. Hawkrod Stock 390/428 bell housing and block plate: wmdsc00033.jpg 1959 Mercury 383 bellhousing with 390/428 block plate on it (all bolt holes line up pe...

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