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by Steamboat
Mon 7. Feb 2011, 10:36
Forum: MEL Engine General Discussion
Topic: 383 running REALLY rough.
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383 running REALLY rough.

Hey guys, I have a 58 Monterey with a 383. I had it in a shop, and one of the dudes there was revving it up, and he got on it a little more then I would have liked. When I left, it was running fine, but on the road It just started running rougher and rougher. Eventually it got to the point of where ...
by Steamboat
Mon 7. Feb 2011, 09:44
Forum: Introduce Yourself and Show us Your Ride
Topic: Hello from Michigan.
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Hello from Michigan.

Hello, my name is John. I'm 26 years old and hail from Ypsilanti, Michigan. There is alot of automotive history around here. I signed up to this board because I own a 1958 Mercury Monterey with a 383 and it is almost impossible to find parts for it. I hope to meet others who have similiar cars and m...
by Steamboat
Mon 7. Feb 2011, 09:41
Forum: Ask for MEL Engine Parts
Topic: Air Conditioner bracket for a 383 needed.
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Air Conditioner bracket for a 383 needed.

I have been looking everywhere for the two piece air conditioner bracket for my 383. I'm having no luck. My inability to find one was a major factor in me registering on this board. I'm just a young guy so go easy on me if you have or know of one.


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