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by Partsetal
Sun 29. Nov 2015, 08:30
Forum: MEL Engine Ignition and General Electrical Topics
Topic: Distributor Interchangability
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Re: Distributor Interchangability

In the comparison of distributors, one thing that was not mentioned is the difference in the number of teeth on the gear. The top one has 15, and the bottom 16. FWIW
by Partsetal
Wed 7. May 2014, 04:57
Forum: MEL Transmission Parts For Sale
Topic: Lincoln Twin Range Transmission
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Lincoln Twin Range Transmission

I have a rebuilt PBB-U Twin Range Transmission w/Bell Hsg & converter that is excess to my needs. Will sell for 450.00. Trans is located in Eastern PA.
by Partsetal
Fri 21. Feb 2014, 12:12
Forum: MEL Engine General Discussion
Topic: 1960 Mel Rebuild Question
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Re: 1960 Mel Rebuild Question

EDG-6316-B is the Engineering No. for B9SZ-6312-A which was used before 2-1-60, and C0ME-6316-B is the Engineering No. for C0SZ-6312-A used from 2-1-60.
by Partsetal
Fri 26. Oct 2012, 16:11
Forum: MEL Engine General Discussion
Topic: Ring Compressor?
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Ring Compressor?

I'll have my 430 block back from the machine shop soon and before I begin assembly I need some information on a good ring compressor. With my last rebuild, I used the standard ring compressor in the inverted position as recommended by the machine shop. It worked better than in the upright position, ...

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