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by Fine59
Sat 9. Jun 2018, 16:35
Forum: MEL Engine General Discussion
Topic: Need check valve
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Need check valve

Anyone know where I can get one of these? The tip is broken off of mine and I have no way to connect the steel line
by Fine59
Tue 14. Nov 2017, 15:54
Forum: Photo Story Your MEL Engine Build Up Project
Topic: My 59 Mark IV build
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My 59 Mark IV build

Well, I was hoping that rebuilding the heads of my continental 430 would solve my issue of excessive smoke coming from the crankcase vent tube, but after removing the passenger side head, the advice I’m getting is to pull the motor and rebuild it. I have never rebuilt a motor, so any tips and advice...
by Fine59
Tue 7. Nov 2017, 18:21
Forum: MEL Engine Stock Carburetor
Topic: Weird thing on my throttle linkage
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Weird thing on my throttle linkage

Who can tell me what this is and what it is for on my throttle linkage? Someone mentioned a rheostat, but what does it do. It looks to be stock equipment. There is also a cable that goes from the linkage to under the dash. The cable seems to be frozen and the rheostat slides on the linkage. I’m gett...

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