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by cowboy.2010
Fri 26. Oct 2012, 11:54
Forum: Ask for MEL Engine Parts
Topic: Looking for 430 & 462 engines/parts
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Looking for 430 & 462 engines/parts

Hi I am looking for 430 or 462 mel engines & 462 transmissions in or around Missouri or somewhere that could be shipped to Missouri at a reasonable price. They can be in rebuildable condition or just for parts let me no what you have Thanks Call or text anytime 1-573-692-2202
by cowboy.2010
Thu 25. Oct 2012, 15:01
Forum: MEL Engine Aftermarket Parts
Topic: New MEL camshafts
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Re: New MEL camshafts

Hey guys I was just letting you all no I would deffently be interested In a few cams. You have my support if it was ever a go to where it can be done :) I am planning on building a 462 and will need a good cam and possibly some blanks to save for other engines.
by cowboy.2010
Thu 25. Oct 2012, 12:13
Forum: MEL Engine General Discussion
Topic: Question on MEL Engines
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Question on MEL Engines

Hey Guys I am new to this site and I have recently ran across a 462 engine. I have had my eye open for a 430 or a 462 for awhile now cause I have wanted to experience a lil with one or both of them. Is there any market to be able to buy good quality rebuild kits or different cams,intakes things like...

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